A woman being treated by Keswick MRT

Keswick Mountain Rescue called out to a very local rescue

Keswick Mountain rescue team primary covers are large areas around Keswick which includes Skiddaw, Helvellyn and the great end, but if needed further afield will assist other rescue teams if needed, but last Friday they got a very local call.  

On Friday 21st May just before 3pm in the afternoon they got a call about an injured woman on the shores of Derwentwater.

Derwentwater is located less than 1km away from where the team is based, which was handy and meant the team was on the scene quickly.

A woman being treated by Keswick MRT
Image Source: Keswick MRT

A 73 year old woman had been walking on the shores of Derwentwater when she slipped causing a painful hip dislocation. Stranshag Bay, which is where the lady was is a flat gravel shoreline path down from Friars Crag which offers great views of Derwentwater. 

The team’s medics provided pain relief and attempted a reduction of the dislocation.

Using the team vehicle she was taken to a waiting ambulance which took her to hospital.

Hoping she has a speedy recovery and is back out walking again soon.

In total the incident lasted 1 hour 5 minutes. 

If you are needing urgent assistance by the MRTs I guess it helps if you are nearby. 

sheep near Keswick MRT vehicle
Image Source: Keswick MRT

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