Glenelg Mountain Rescue showcases drone capabilities at Kintail MRT training day

Glenelg Mountain Rescue recently had the opportunity to showcase the capabilities of their drone at a training day held by Kintail MRT at their base in Morvich.

The demonstration highlighted how drones can be an invaluable tool in search and rescue scenarios.

During the training day, Glenelg MRT members showed off the capabilities of their drone, which is equipped with a thermal imaging camera and can be used to quickly search large areas.

The team also demonstrated how the drone can be used to identify potential hazards and to map terrain.

“We were delighted to be part of the training day and to demonstrate how the use of a drone in a search and rescue scenario is a valuable tool to have in our kit,” said a spokesperson for Glenelg Mountain Rescue.

The team also expressed their gratitude to Kintail MRT for their hospitality and warm welcome during the training day.

Using drones in search and rescue missions has become increasingly common in recent years, as they can be used to quickly cover large areas and provide valuable information to rescue teams on the ground.

The use of drones has been credited with saving lives in numerous incidents, and their importance in search and rescue missions is only expected to grow in the future.

Image Source: Glenelg Mountain Rescue

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