Edale Mountain Rescue Team Responds to Medical Emergency on Mam Tor

The Edale Mountain Rescue Team (EMRT) was called into action on Sunday, 18th February 2014, at 13:04 hrs, following a distress call from Derbyshire Constabulary regarding an incident on Mam Tor in the Peak District.

The call came just as the team members were settling down for lunch after a morning filled with casualty care lectures, highlighting the unpredictable nature of rescue operations.

The incident involved a gentleman who, while walking with his partner, experienced a sudden medical episode that resulted in a period of unconsciousness.

Demonstrating their swift response and expertise, EMRT members were quickly on the scene to assess and assist the gentleman.

Thanks to the prompt and professional care provided by the team, the gentleman regained consciousness and, with the support of the EMRT members, was able to walk back to the road.

There, an ambulance was waiting to take over his care, providing further assessment and necessary medical attention.

This successful intervention by the Edale Mountain Rescue Team underscores the critical role that such teams play in ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals in the great outdoors.

Their readiness to respond at a moment’s notice, coupled with their medical training, makes them an indispensable asset to the community and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

The incident on Mam Tor is a reminder of the challenges and risks associated with outdoor activities, as well as the importance of being prepared for any situation.

It also highlights the dedication and commitment of volunteer rescue teams like EMRT, who stand ready to assist those in need, regardless of the time or circumstances.

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