Edale Mountain Rescue Team Responds to Climber’s Fall at Stanage Edge

On Monday, 19th February 2024, at 15:11 hrs, the Edale Mountain Rescue Team (EMRT) was called to a second emergency of the day, this time at Stanage Edge, following reports of a climber suffering a 6-metre fall.

The incident required immediate attention, prompting the team to swiftly divert their resources to the popular climbing location.

Upon arrival at Stanage, EMRT members quickly ascended to the casualty site, where they found the ambulance crew already providing initial care.

The climber had sustained a severe injury, with what appeared to be a significantly broken arm.

The rescue team, known for their expertise in handling such emergencies, administered strong analgesia to manage the pain and carefully packaged the injured climber onto a Mountain Rescue stretcher.

The operation to transport the casualty back down to Hooks Carr was executed with precision, ensuring the climber’s safety and comfort throughout the descent.

From there, the individual was transferred to Sheffield Northern General Hospital for further medical treatment, highlighting the critical role of mountain rescue teams in facilitating swift and efficient care for outdoor enthusiasts in distress.

As the EMRT members were concluding their operation and preparing their equipment for the next call, another request for assistance came in, underscoring the relentless and unpredictable nature of mountain rescue work.

This back-to-back emergency response showcases the dedication and readiness of the Edale Mountain Rescue Team to serve their community and ensure the safety of those enjoying the natural beauty of the Peak District.

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