Dartmoor Search & Rescue Team Tavistock Aids Injured Walker on Brat Tor

In their seventh callout of 2024, the Dartmoor Search & Rescue Team Tavistock sprang into action at 17:32 yesterday to assist a lady walker who had suffered a lower leg injury after slipping on her descent from Brat Tor in Dartmoor National Park, a popular yet challenging walking spot on Dartmoor.

The incident underscores the unpredictable nature of outdoor activities and the essential service provided by search and rescue teams.

Upon receiving the call for help, the team quickly located the injured walker.

An initial examination was conducted on-site by the team’s Cas-Carer, a specialist in wilderness first aid, to assess the extent of the injury and provide immediate care.

Following this assessment, the decision was made to transport the walker back to the rendezvous point (RV) using the team’s Land Rover, ensuring her safety and comfort during the journey.

Image Source: Dartmoor Search & Rescue Team - Tavistock twitter

Once at the RV, the injured lady was handed over to waiting paramedics, who then took over her care.

This seamless handover highlights the effective collaboration between volunteer rescue teams and emergency medical services, ensuring that individuals in distress receive the best possible outcome.

The Dartmoor Search & Rescue Team Tavistock’s prompt response and professional handling of the situation demonstrate their vital role in community safety.

Their readiness to assist those in need, regardless of the circumstances, is a testament to their commitment and expertise.

Incidents like these also serve as a reminder of the importance of being prepared and cautious when exploring the great outdoors, especially in areas known for their rugged terrain like Dartmoor.

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