Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team’s Heroic Effort in Guisborough Woodlands Rescue

In a remarkable display of skill and dedication, the Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team successfully executed a challenging rescue operation in the woodlands south of Hutton Village, Guisborough, on Saturday, 27th January 2024.

The incident, which occurred during a routine training exercise, highlights the vital role played by the rescue team in ensuring public safety in the region’s rugged terrain.

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At approximately 10:51 hours, amidst their full-day search and rescue exercise in the Osmotherley area, the team received an urgent call from the North East Ambulance Service.

The report detailed a mountain biker who had sustained a serious ankle injury in the dense woodlands.

Responding swiftly, eight team members, equipped with two Land Rovers, diverted from their training to the accident site.

They were joined by two additional members who arrived independently.

The casualty, found in a challenging location marked by mud, deep ruts, and narrow paths, received immediate medical attention from the NEAS crew and one of the team’s doctors.

After stabilising the ankle with a vacuum splint and administering pain relief, the rescuers employed a wheeled rescue stretcher for evacuation.

Despite the difficult 200-metre route, the team’s expertise ensured a safe and efficient extraction to the waiting ambulance.

This operation, involving ten team members, lasted approximately 2.5 hours, after which the team resumed their training exercise.

The incident not only tested but also demonstrated the team’s readiness and ability to handle real-life emergencies effectively.

The Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team, a voluntary organisation, is renowned for its commitment to public safety in the North Yorkshire region.

The team regularly engages in training exercises to hone their skills in various rescue scenarios.

This particular weekend saw the inclusion of seven new probationers, who actively participated in the exercises, soon to be added to the call-out list.

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The training covered a range of scenarios, including a search for a ‘lost walker’ and a mock evacuation, with the involvement of personal and team vehicles.

The team also engaged in a navigation exercise and a session on search dog operations, conducted in collaboration with the Swaledale Mountain Rescue Team.

The Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team’s efforts are not only crucial in times of emergency but also serve as a testament to the spirit of volunteerism and community service.

Their continuous training and readiness to respond to emergencies make them an indispensable asset to the region.

For those interested in supporting or joining the team, opportunities are available in various roles, including Operational Support and Search and Rescue, with intakes occurring throughout the year.

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The community’s appreciation for the team’s work was evident from the numerous complimentary remarks from passers-by during the training weekend.

As the team prepares for their next training session and a winter-skills training weekend in Scotland, their commitment to excellence and public service remains unwavering.

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