Edale Mountain Rescue Team Swiftly Aids Injured Walker at Cowper Stones

On Sunday, 17th March 2024, at 15:49 hrs, the Edale Mountain Rescue Team (EMRT) was called into action following a request from the East Midlands Ambulance Service.

The incident occurred at Cowper Stones, a popular area along Stanage Edge, where a woman enjoying a leisurely walk in the afternoon sunshine suffered a slip, resulting in an ankle injury that left her unable to bear weight.

Fortunately, several team members were at the base at the time of the call, enabling a rapid response to the incident site.

Upon arrival, the rescue team provided immediate care, assessing the extent of the woman’s injuries. It was determined that she had sustained an isolated ankle injury.

The team administered pain relief to the injured walker, then carefully splinted her ankle to prevent further damage.

Following the initial treatment, the woman was securely placed on a stretcher, ready for evacuation.

The Edale MRT efficiently transported her to the roadside, where an ambulance crew from the East Midlands Ambulance Service was waiting to take over her care.

She was then transported to Chesterfield Royal Hospital for further assessment and treatment.

This incident highlights the critical role of the Edale Mountain Rescue Team in providing timely and expert assistance to those in distress in the Peak District’s challenging terrains.

The team’s swift response and professional handling of the situation ensured that the injured walker received the necessary care and support during a potentially distressing time.

The Edale MRT, composed entirely of volunteers, remains an essential service in the region, offering their expertise and support to ensure the safety of outdoor enthusiasts.

Incidents like this serve as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of outdoor activities and the importance of being prepared for emergencies.


As the injured walker recovers, the Edale MRT extends their best wishes for a speedy recovery and continues to stand ready to assist those in need, demonstrating their commitment to the community and visitors to the Peak District.

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