Lake District Walker Rescued After 65ft Fall with Aid from Royal Marine

In a dramatic rescue operation in the Lake District, a walker was saved after a perilous 65ft fall on Sharp Edge, Blecathra.

The incident, which occurred on Saturday, February 17, around 8:40 am, saw the Keswick Mountain Rescue Team spring into action following an alert to the situation.

The female walker, who suffered multiple injuries from the fall, was fortunate to halt her descent in the ‘usual gully’—a spot known for catching walkers off guard.

In a stroke of luck, a passing Royal Marine was on hand to provide excellent first aid, stabilising the walker while awaiting further assistance.

Image Source: Keswick Mountain Rescue

Given the complexity of the rescue, the Keswick Mountain Rescue Team called upon the Penrith Mountain Rescue Team and a Coastguard helicopter for support.

The wet conditions made Sharp Edge particularly slippery, necessitating the establishment of a safety line to allow rescue team members to reach the injured walker with the necessary equipment.

A twin rope system was set up to lower the treated and packaged casualty down the gully to a doctor from the Penrith team.

However, low cloud coverage meant that a stretcher carry was required to transport the woman to a point where the Coastguard helicopter could safely land and airlift her to the hospital.

This rescue underscores the inherent risks of walking in the Lake District’s more challenging terrains, especially in adverse weather conditions.

It also highlights the invaluable role of mountain rescue teams and the unexpected heroes, like the Royal Marine, whose quick thinking and skills can make a significant difference in emergency situations.

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