National Trust Urges Dog Owners to Keep Pets on Leads to Protect Dartmoor’s Ground-Nesting Birds

The National Trust has issued a plea to dog owners visiting Dartmoor to keep their pets on leads from March to July, a critical period for the protection of ground-nesting birds.

Dartmoor, renowned for its stunning landscapes and rich biodiversity, serves as a crucial habitat for many bird species that nest on or near the ground during these months.

The Trust highlighted that while dogs may simply be enjoying themselves, their presence can inadvertently cause significant distress to these birds.

There is a risk that the birds could be scared away from their nesting sites by dogs roaming freely, potentially leading to them abandoning their chicks—a scenario that could have detrimental effects on the bird populations on Dartmoor.

The National Trust’s call to action is part of a broader effort to ensure the conservation and protection of wildlife on Dartmoor.

By adhering to this guidance, visitors can play a vital role in safeguarding the future of these birds, ensuring that they can continue to thrive in their natural habitat.

The appeal to keep dogs on leads not only underscores the importance of responsible pet ownership in natural spaces but also reflects the National Trust’s commitment to preserving the delicate balance of ecosystems within Dartmoor National Park.

The Trust extends its gratitude to all visitors who comply with these measures, contributing to the conservation efforts for the ground-nesting birds of Dartmoor.

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