Kindness in Keswick: Local Hero Rescues Stranded Australian Tourists at Derwentwater

A pair of Australian tourists recently found themselves in a challenging situation near Derwentwater in the Lake District.

After enjoying a day at the picturesque lake, they were inadvertently left behind by their group.

Fortunately, a local from Keswick came to their rescue, offering them a lift back to town.

Derwentwater, located just south of Keswick, is typically a short walk from the town, depending on where you are on the lake.

The Australian tourists, however, found themselves stranded in the rain and decided not to wait another hour for the next launch.

They expressed their gratitude towards the kind local who helped them, highlighting the importance of adhering to timetables, especially in tourist areas.

Derwentwater in the Lake District National Park(Image: PA)

Derwentwater is known for its scenic beauty and is a popular destination for visitors to the Lake District.

The lake is surrounded by numerous islands, including Derwent Island and St Herbert’s Island, and is famed for its use as a filming location for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

This incident serves as a reminder of the unpredictability of outdoor adventures and the importance of community support in tourist areas.

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