A Green Initiative at Hell Wath: Join the Tree Planting Movement!

Attention nature enthusiasts and green warriors! Hell Wath Local Nature Reserve in Ripon is embarking on a significant environmental endeavour, and your help is crucial. The Friends of Hell Wath (FOHW), backed by North Yorkshire Council and The Conservation Volunteers, are spearheading a major tree and whip planting program.

This green initiative involves planting 50 native tree saplings and over 800 whips. The selection includes Field Maple, Alder, Holly, Crab Apple, Wild Cherry, Bird Cherry, Rowan, and Hazel. These trees are not just about beautifying the landscape; they’re chosen to provide vital shelter and sustenance for birds and enhance the area’s biodiversity. Some saplings will replace the dead and dying trees, while others will create new features like a small coppice and vibrant hedgerows.

The goal? To fill gaps in the existing tree line beside the River Skell and establish wildlife corridors. These corridors will enable bats, birds, and small mammals to traverse between different parts of the reserve without crossing open meadows. This project is a vital step towards increasing biodiversity and ensuring a healthier ecosystem at Hell Wath.

We invite you to be a part of this green transformation. Whether you’re a seasoned planter or a newbie eager to make a difference, your participation will contribute significantly to this ecological restoration. Join us in this fulfilling endeavour, connect with fellow nature lovers, and leave a lasting impact on Ripon’s natural heritage.

For more information on how you can get involved, visit the Friends of Hell Wath’s website. Let’s put on our gardening gloves and make a difference, one sapling at a time!

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