🔥 Exciting Announcement from The Camping Fire: The 2024 Expert Campers’ Challenges! 🔥

Hello, Outdoor Enthusiasts! 🌲🏕️

As we gear up for another year of adventures, The Camping Fire is thrilled to present The Expert Campers’ 2024 Camping Challenges. This year, we’re all about exploring new horizons, connecting with nature, and creating unforgettable memories.


Whether you’re a seasoned camper or just starting, these challenges are tailored to inspire and excite!

Embark on these 24 Unique Challenges in 2024:

  1. Camp 20 Nights Under Canvas: Relish 20 nights in the rustic charm of canvas camping.

  2. Explore 20 Different Campsites: Discover a variety of camping sites across the country.

  3. Embark on a 20-Mile Hike: Test your endurance with a long-distance hike.

  4. Introduce Camping to a Newbie: Bring a friend for their first camping experience.

  5. Coastal Camping Adventure: Set up camp by the sea and soak up the coastal vibes.

  6. Community Choice Campsite: Book a campsite recommended by our group members.

  7. Go Wild Camping: Dive into the thrill of a wild camping experience.

  8. Revisit Your Favourite Spot: Return to a campsite filled with fond memories.

  9. Hike in a National Park: Explore the stunning landscapes of a National Park.

  10. Bushcraft Basics: Learn essential survival skills in the wild.

  11. Forest Camping: Immerse yourself in the serenity of forest camping.

  12. Tour the UK Nations: Camp across England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

  13. Island Camping: Discover the unique allure of island camping.

  14. European Camping Trip: Expand your camping adventures to Europe.

  15. Neighbourly Recommendation: Visit a fellow camper’s favourite site.

  16. Host a Campsite Gathering: Share good times with your camping neighbours.

  17. Personalised Camping: Find a campsite that matches the first letter of your name.

  18. Urban Camping: Explore 20 different towns or cities and camp nearby.

  19. Local Favourites: Visit a campsite owner’s recommended town or city.

  20. Snow Camping: Brave the elements with a snow camping adventure.

  21. Campfire Nights: Revel in the warmth of a campfire under the stars.

  22. Campfire Cooking: Master the art of cooking over an open flame.

  23. DIY Shelter Night: Build and sleep under your own shelter.

  24. Small Campsite Stay: Enjoy the quaintness of a small campsite.

  25. Woodland Survival Course: Enhance your outdoor skills with a bushcraft course.

Are you ready to take on these exhilarating challenges? Share your adventures, photos, and stories in our Facebook Group and let’s make 2024 a year of epic camping experiences! 🌄🔥

Adventure awaits, The Camping Fire Team

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Tick off your challenges as you complete them and measure your %. 

Camping Challenge Checklist

Camping Challenge Checklist

Camp 20 Nights Under Canvas
Explore 20 Different Campsites
Embark on a 20-Mile Hike
Introduce Camping to a Newbie
Coastal Camping Adventure
Community Choice Campsite
Go Wild Camping
Revisit Your Favourite Spot
Hike in a National Park
Bushcraft Basics
Forest Camping
Camp in England
Camp in Scotland
Camp in Wales
Camp on an Island
Camp in Northern Ireland
European Camping Trip
Neighbourly Recommendation
Host a Campsite Gathering
Personalised Camping
Urban Camping
Local Favourites
Snow Camping
Campfire Nights
Campfire Cooking
DIY Shelter Night
Small Campsite Stay
Woodland Survival Course

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