Campsite Warns Campers of Flood Risks, Some Ignore Advice

A campsite in West Bay, Dorset, was flooded after the River Brit burst its banks following a high tide.

Some campers chose to stay put when the water arrived, with one caravan seen submerged in the water while its owner sat outside on a deckchair.

A spokesperson for Britt Valley and Britt River Campgrounds said campers were given advance warning to move to another field, but some did not take their advice.

“The flooding occurred due to the very high spring tides and has happened in previous years,” the spokesperson said. “These tides happen at other times of the year when the land is not in use for camping. As this is a natural phenomenon, nothing can be done about it.”

The campsite closed for the season on Sunday, September 3, as planned, and took fewer bookings over the last weekend due to a lack of space in the smaller field.

These images were captured by local photographer Daryl Gill of West Bay Photography. They also show members of West Bay Canoe Club taking advantage of the situation by rowing through the floods.

Mr Gill said he captured the images with his drone because he knew it was high tide and that a friend of his travels with the fair and alerted him to what had happened.

“I put my drone up to have a look,” he said. “It was different seeing people and cars underwater. In one of the pictures, you can see a man sat outside his caravan, so he didn’t seem very worried.”

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