Moffat and Galloway Mountain Rescue Teams Collaborate in Criffel Rescue Operation

On Monday, 19th February 2024, at 13:32, the Moffat Mountain Rescue Team (MRT) was mobilised by Police Scotland for a rescue operation on Criffel near New Abbey, following reports of an injured walker.

The individual had suffered a fall between the summits of Knockendoch and Criffel, resulting in a suspected broken ankle.

To address the emergency, 11 members from Moffat MRT quickly responded to the call.

Image Source: Moffat MRT

Given the challenging location of the casualty and the necessity for a safe evacuation, the Galloway MRT was also called upon to assist, contributing an additional 10 team members to the effort.

The combined force of both teams ensured a robust response to the situation.

The operation commenced with a paramedic from Moffat MRT leading the way up the hill for an initial assessment of the injured walker.

This was followed by the deployment of additional team members who carried essential medical equipment, including a casualty bag, stretcher, stretcher wheel, and rope, to the site of the incident.

After a thorough assessment, the casualty was administered pain relief and their ankle was securely immobilised using a vacuum splint.

The individual was then carefully packaged into a casualty bag and placed on the stretcher, ready for the evacuation process.

The coordinated effort between Moffat and Galloway MRTs ensured the safe and efficient transport of the walker from the hillside.

Upon reaching the base of the hill, the casualty and their party were met by a waiting Scottish Ambulance Service crew, who took over the care of the injured walker, transporting them to the hospital for further medical assessment.

The successful rescue operation highlights the vital role of mountain rescue teams in providing life-saving assistance in remote and challenging environments.

The collaboration between Moffat and Galloway MRTs exemplifies the spirit of teamwork and dedication to ensuring the safety of outdoor enthusiasts.

The teams extend their best wishes to the injured walker for a swift and full recovery.

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