Injured Hiker Rescued After Fall on Dumgoyne Hill

Lomond Mountain Rescue Team Assists with Suspected Broken Ankle

Lomond, Scotland – Lomond Mountain Rescue Team (MRT) responded to an incident on Dumgoyne Hill yesterday afternoon involving an injured hiker.

The call came in around 1:28pm regarding an individual who had fallen and likely sustained a broken ankle while traversing the popular hiking spot.

A team from Lomond MRT was dispatched to the scene to provide emergency assistance.

They were joined by colleagues from the Scottish Ambulance Service and the Maritime and Coastguard Agency’s Rescue 199 helicopter.

Working together, the rescuers were able to locate and stabilise the injured hiker before carefully evacuating them off the hill.

The extent of the hiker’s injuries is not yet known, but a broken ankle is suspected based on the initial assessment.

Dumgoyne Hill is a well-trodden path within the Kilpatrick Hills, presenting a scenic but challenging hike for outdoor enthusiasts.

Incidents like this underscore the importance of being prepared and taking all necessary safety precautions when hitting the trails.

The Lomond MRT frequently responds to calls for assistance in the area, providing crucial emergency support to those injured or stranded in the region’s rugged landscapes.

In their tweet, the mountain rescue team expressed gratitude to the Scottish Ambulance Service and Coastguard helicopter crew for their assistance during the multi-agency operation.

No further details about the hiker or the circumstances surrounding the fall have been released at this time. Lomond MRT and partner agencies will likely review the incident and use any lessons learned to enhance future rescue responses.

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