Sycamore Gap: Felled Iconic Tree to be Displayed to the Public at The Sill

In a heartfelt response to a tragic act of vandalism, the Northumberland National Park Authority has announced plans to publicly display the largest section of the Sycamore Gap tree, which was illegally cut down in September last year.

The decision comes after the authority received over 2,000 messages from people around the world expressing their sorrow over the loss of the iconic tree, a beloved landmark along Hadrian’s Wall in Northumberland.

The display, set to be unveiled at The Sill, a nearby tourist attraction, in September, aims to preserve the legacy of the Sycamore Gap tree.

The park authority is exploring various options to honour the tree’s memory, including leaving the stump in place in hopes it will regrow, transforming the area into a place of reflection, and creating art installations from sections of the felled tree.


A fence has been erected around the remaining stump to protect it while allowing it to be visible to visitors, in the hope that nature will take its course and the tree will regrow over time.

The park authority and its partners are committed to stewarding the legacy of Sycamore Gap with care and respect, acknowledging the diverse opinions on how best to move forward.

The felling of the tree, described by Northumbria Police as a deliberate act of vandalism, has sparked a strong emotional response, highlighting the deep connection people feel to natural landmarks and their significance to well-being.

The park authority’s efforts to navigate this sensitive issue reflect a dedication to both the natural environment and the community’s attachment to this iconic symbol of Northumberland’s heritage.

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