Rescue Teams Mobilised for Injured Walker on The Cheviot

On Monday, Northumberland’s rescue services were called into action to assist a group of walkers on The Cheviot, the highest peak on the England-Scotland border in the Northumberland National Park.

The Northumberland National Park Mountain Rescue Team (NNPMRT) and North of Tyne Mountain Rescue Team responded to the emergency after one of the four young men in the group suffered a lower leg injury.

The incident occurred as darkness was drawing in and temperatures were dropping, creating an urgent need for rescue.

The NNPMRT spokesperson highlighted the swift action taken by emergency services, which quickly activated mountain rescue to ensure the safety of the injured walker and his companions.

Rescuers in action during the incident on The Cheviot. Photo: NNPMRT

Rescuers, who were just concluding another operation near Kielder, were redeployed to the Harthope Valley, situated below The Cheviot.

An advance team of two volunteers reached the injured party before 7 pm, facing near-freezing temperatures exacerbated by windchill.

Despite the challenging conditions, the group had begun their descent from the summit in an attempt to keep warm.

The mountain rescue teams provided the men with spare warm clothing and, with additional layers and headtorches, determined that the group could walk off the hill with the rescuers’ support.

By 7:45 pm, the operation concluded successfully with everyone safely off the hill and the young men in good spirits despite their ordeal.

Team leader Iain Nixon commended the group for promptly calling 999 and seeking police and mountain rescue assistance.

He emphasised the importance of being prepared for outdoor activities, especially during shorter days and colder weather, recommending carrying extra warm layers, a torch, and not solely relying on mobile phones for navigation.

The incident serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of outdoor adventures and the importance of planning and preparation.

The successful rescue underscores the vital role of mountain rescue teams in ensuring the safety of those enjoying Northumberland’s beautiful but sometimes treacherous landscapes.

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